» »Kakinada In Andhra Pradesh: Reasons To Visit This Perfect Destination

Kakinada In Andhra Pradesh: Reasons To Visit This Perfect Destination


Also known as Pensioner's Paradise on account of its relaxing climate and peaceful environment, Kakinada is one of the largest cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is settled as a beachside beauty facing the Bay of Bengal. Even though it was used as a trading post in the past, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the state today and is popular for its town planning. If you are looking for a destination where you can chill and relax amid serenity, then you must consider visiting Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. Due to its stainless atmosphere, uncrowded beaches and unexplored tourist spots, it makes for a perfect weekend destination.

Be it a history lover, a photographer or a nature lover, Kakinada charms each and every type of tourists by its enthralling beauties. Are still you confused about planning your vacation to Kakinada? If yes, then read on and learn in detail about the major reasons why you must visit Kakinada. These reasons will assuredly compel you to pack your bags.

Laze By Its Pristine Beaches

How is possible to ignore the beachside beauty when we are talking about Kakinada? If you are looking forward to avoiding tourist crowd on beaches and desire to spend your weekends amid calmness, then the uncrowded beach of Kakinada are perfect stoppages for you.

From playing in the soothing waters of the Bay of Bengal to sunbathing on its relaxing sand, you can enjoy a lot here. Even though at the time of morning and evening, its beaches get filled with tourists and locals, you can still feel the essence of composure and equanimity here. You can also go photographing the beautiful waves of the sea as they hit the shore.

Savour The Toothsome Kaaja

Ever heard of Kaaja? If not, then let us tell you that it is a sweet scrumptious dish of Kakinada which has become popular across the country over a period of time. Made out of edible oils, wheat flour and sugar, this palatable toothsome delicacy is all you need to acknowledge the beauty of Kakinada.

If you think you can find it elsewhere in Andhra Pradesh or other parts of the country, then you really need to savour its lip-smacking taste. It is cent per cent sure you cannot enjoy such an amazing flavour of Kaaja elsewhere in the country. Isn't it a strong reason to visit Kakinada?


Loiter Around Hope Island

Yes, you can also relish the exquisiteness of an island here. Located at a distance of about 12 km from the coastal region of Kakinada, Hope Island is a small island in the midst of the Bay of Bengal and can be accessed by ferries and boats. You can book a boat in the Kakinada Harbour.

If you are one amongst those who love riding the waves of the ocean and always look forward to encountering a thrilling journey, then Hope Island is your destination in Kakinada. The island was formed in the 18th century and is spread over an area of about 8 sq km with an approximate length of 16 km. Don't you think this beautiful island will make your journey more interesting and exciting?

Explore Its Historical Monuments

Kakinada also houses several ancient sites in the form of temples and other monuments. After all, the history of Kakinada stretches back to several centuries. Sri Bhavanarayana Temple is one of the most popular ancient sites in the city and is visited by thousands of tourists and Hindu devotees every year.

If you desire to explore beyond the boundaries of core city and savour the beauty of its small towns and villages, then you can also visit the historic temples of Annavaram, Antarvedi and Draksharamam.

All these temples are considered as pilgrimage sites amongst locals and are known for their peaceful aura. Wouldn't you love to find yourself amid peace and divinity? If yes, then add these temples and ancient sites to itinerary of Kakinada.

Indulge In Spotting Rare Species

Be it natural marvels or historical place, Kakinada always serves its visitors with the best of destinations. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is one such place where you can capture the captivating beauty of raw nature.

The presence of lush greenery and diverse wildlife make this sanctuary a must-visit destination for every traveller. It houses the second largest mangrove forest in the country and more than 100 beautiful species of birds.

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