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Interesting Facts About Tirupati Balaji Temple

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The Tirupati Balaji Temple located at Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, is one of the most popular temples in India. Both tourists and devotees visit the temple in equal number, making it a travel attraction among those who would love to know about the culture and tradition of India.

Let us have a look at some of the interesting facts of the temple that make it unique from the rest.


A replica of Venkateswara idol
Photo Courtesy: Kalyan Kanuri 

Several names of Tirupati Balaji Temple
The temple is known by several names like Tirupati Temple, Tirumala Temple and Venkateswara Temple.

The Shape of Tirupati Hills
The 90 degrees tilted view of Tirupati Hills is believed to be in the shape of Lord Shiva's face.


THe temple and the premises
Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Kumar (DK) 

Architecture of the Temple
The temple is built using Dravidian architecture, one of the architectural styles that was prevalent in those times.

Inscriptions in the Temple
The temple wall bears many inscriptions which are historically, culturally and linguistically relevant. It is also believed that over the years, many inscriptions have disappeared beyond recovery. The temple has the mark of several empires like the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas and Yadavarayas among the rest of the ruling empires of those times.


Wooden statue of Lord Venkateswara
Photo Courtesy: { pranav } 

The Hair of Lord Venkateswara
The Venkateswara idol is believed to have natural hair. This hair always remains silky and smooth, which is indeed surprising.

Village Near The Temple
There is a small village located around 25km from the temple. It is from this village that all the flowers, ghee, milk and other products for the pooja are brought to the temple. The women in this village follow a tradition of not wearing blouses, and no one other than the residents of the village are allowed to enter the village.


Tirupati Balaji Temple gopuram
Photo Courtesy: Vimalkalyan  

Temple Closed for 12 years
History has it that the temple was closed for 12 years in 1800s after the King killed 12 people for their bad deeds.

Suprabhatam Song Not Played During Dhanurmasa
The famous suprabhatam song, or the wake up song, is not played in the temple during the Dhanurmasa month which falls around December-January. It is believed that the Lord does not sleep during this period.

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