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Interesting Facts About Pamban Bridge in Rameswaram!

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Pamban Bridge is one of the prime attractions of Tamil Nadu. Located in Rameswaram, Pamban Bridge sees many travellers and tourists who visit the place throughout the year.

There are some interesting facts about this bridge that make it unique from the rest. Let us know about these unique facts about Pamban Bridge!


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First Cantilever Bridge

The double leaf bascule section was implemented here so that the ferry services are not interrupted due to the bridge. This was constructed a century ago, and several boats and ships make use of this service till date.
The bridge opens into two so that the ferries and ships can cross Palk Strait that connects Rameswaram and Pamban Island. The split of the bridge is a sight to marvel!


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India's First Sea Bridge

The Pamban Railway Bridge in Rameswaram is India's first sea bridge, which was opened in 1914.

India's Longest Bridge Till 2010

The Pamban Bridge was the nation's longest bridge till the Bandra-Worli Sea Link opened in 2010.

Immense Strength of the Bridge

It is interesting to know that the Pamban bridge had withstood a cyclone storm in 1964. Though a huge damage was incurred on the bridge and many of its parts were washed away, the rolling life centre span was not damaged. This was designed by a German engineer Scherzer in 1913. This massive cyclone had flattened Dhanushkodi which is located nearby.


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The Bridge Almost Shut Down

In 2006, owing to the start of Project Unigauge, it was decided that the bridge would have to be shut down as it has metro gauge rails. There were plans proposed for the new bridge under a huge budget. Under the supervision of A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who was the President then and was from Rameswaram too, the bridge was renovated and resumed services in 2007.


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Link Connecting Rameswaram and Mainland

Till a road bridge was built parallel to the railway bridge, the Pamban bridge was the only track connecting Rameswaram and the mainland. There is a temple in Pamban Island, to where the devotees used to commute daily using the bridge.

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