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Creepy Travel Destinations in India

Posted By: Manoj Menon

India is a country of mysticism and superstition. There are so many beliefs and legends associated with nearly every town in the country. And this is an ideal travel idea for those looking to explore beyond the beauty of nature or the craftsmanship of artists of the past. These are places that provide a unique experience of adventure and the spooky feeling that cannot be explained!

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While some of these can be scientifically proved wrong, there are many which even science fails to decipher. Be it the haunted nature of Dumas Beach or the spookiness of Kuldhara, these regions are known to be home to some of the scariest and creepiest stories. Here is a guide to a few of the spooky travel destinations in India.

Dumas Beach
The golden sand, crystal waters and chilling breeze of the beach lures travellers here. Tourists love to visit a beach as it is a perfect place to relax. But you can't say the same about the Dumas Beach in Gujarat. It is believed that the beach was previously a crematorium and is known to experience paranormal activities. Tourists who come here are warned not to roam these beaches at night as it unsafe after dark. 


Photo Courtesy: Keith Tyler

Bhangarh Fort
Our country is filled with many historical monuments and travellers from far and wide come here to see them. The Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan is located 300 km from Delhi and is one such attraction. What lures tourists to this fort is the story that claims the fort to be haunted. It is rumoured that the fort was cursed by a wizard and since then the fort was completely abandoned. Even today tourists who come here are asked to leave the place by evening as certain paranormal activities are said to take place here at night.

Photo Courtesy: Arindambasu2

Now this one is certainly going to send a chill down your spine. The village of Kuldhara in Rajasthan is completely abandoned. Nothing scary in that you say? Well, it is said that the whole town which was teeming with people was suddenly abandoned overnight. No one knows where and why the town folk left. So the next time you visit this place just be cautious as you may stumble upon the reason that led to this sudden move!

Photo Courtesy: Tomas Belcik

Agrasen ki Baoli
Sometimes even history can be a killing element. Take for instance Agrasen ki Baoli near Connaught Palace. The structure built by Maharaja Agrasen, lost its importance with the passage of time. The structure started filling up with mysterious black water that is said to hypnotise those who came here. A few travellers who come here get hypnotised by it and are said to commit suicide within its walls. Talk about a revengeful monument. You sure don't want to rub it the wrong way!

Photo Courtesy: Ankit.malhotra2011

Kukkarahalli Lake
Last but certainly not the least is the haunted Kukkarahalli Lake. This beautiful lake that attracts tourists due to its scenic views is known to be creepy at night. This feeling is especially felt by bikers as many have said that when travelling by here they have felt an unknown entity sitting behind them. Not exactly a route you would like to take on a road trip!

Photo Courtesy: Pratheepps

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