» »Bleisure Travel: A Millennial Travel Trend That Is Transforming The Business World

Bleisure Travel: A Millennial Travel Trend That Is Transforming The Business World

Bleisure travel signifies an amalgamation of business and leisure trip. This new travel fad has promptly become a travel motto among millennials and is catching up with other generations too. It helps companies and business travellers save a substantial amount of money and turn an inconvenient business trip into a pleasurable stay.

Bleisure travel that started as an experimental trend has begun to bear fruit. Let's take a look at a few ways companies and travellers can benefit from this flourishing travel trend.

What is Bleisure travel?

What is Bleisure travel?

Blesiure is a type of travel trend prompted by the combination of two general travel types, Business and Leisure (Bleisure). Bleisure is often misunderstood to a casual travel trend and has given rise to a misconception of millennials using Bliesure as an excuse to go on vacation at the companies expense. Well, that's not the truth! In actuality, Bleisure is encouraged by companies and is all about coupling work and leisure hours to avoid stress, and save money and time.

Survey Report

Survey Report

According to a survey conducted by BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, 60 per cent of travellers reported having taken Bleisure trips, with 30 per cent adding at least a day to their trip for leisure. Many companies are embracing this new travel trend to motivate their employees by making a business trip more stress-free.

Benefits of Bleisure travel for employers

Benefits of Bleisure travel for employers

  • Bleisure travel leads to higher employee retention rates

Many millennials are motivated by more than just salary. Based on research by Global HR Analytics; salary is not the top factor for an employee to leave a job. Benefits are something employees crave for, and with a new travel trend like Bleisure, employers can help create a better work-life balance for employees. Moreover, it has been successful in assisting employers in retaining millennial employees, who value the flexibility at the work and benefits of seeing new places, than a paycheck.

  • Bleisure travel can help save lots of money

When employees have a better work-life balance, they tend to be efficient and loyal. And because they are productive at work, it adds value to the company. It will reduce the number of employees quitting the job, and this, in return, helps an employer save 100 to 300% of your employee's annual salary of replacing an employee. Besides that, an employee is less likely to take leaves from feeling burned out.

  • Bleisure travel increases client satisfaction

As the employees get time to understand local etiquettes and learn new ways and hacks of the place they travel to; it may help them impress the clients with interesting ice breakers. Basic knowledge about local culture and etiquettes can go a long way, especially during a meeting or a work session with the clients. As a result, Bleisure travel helps transform a boring white-collar meeting into a more exciting and productive interaction.

Benefits of Bleisure travel for employees

Benefits of Bleisure travel for employees

  • Bleisure travel creates a better work-life balance

Visiting other countries on business and working round the clock, can be challenging and exhausting sometimes. To be efficient and stimulated, a leisure break during a business trip is a much-needed Business travel hack. When employees get a benefit of leisure time during a business trip, it helps them have a better work-life balance.

  • Bleisure travel offers vacation on the go

It is well known that a vacation some times may cost an arm and a leg and drain an employee's year-long savings. However, thanks to Bleisure travel, employees can enjoy a vacation while on a business trip. As the most expensive part of the journey is covered (airfare and accommodation) by the employer, an employee can save lots of money abreast enjoy a thrifty vacation.

  • Bleisure travel leads to employees personal growth

While travel is refreshing, a traditional business trip is often considered to be a draining experience. Bleisure makes it possible for employees to have an enriching experience with much-required leisure break during a business trip. The leisure time can be made use to explore the destination, meet new people and get a new perspective on the overall business travel experience. Consequently, Bleisure helps employees grow personally and professionally.

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