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Marble Rocks, Rainbows and a Temple: Exploring Bhedaghat

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

No one can understand nature and its entirety; we humans just have to wonder and adore its magnificent creations! One such nature's wonders are definitely the unique rock formations. You might have come across volcanic rocks or basaltic rocks, but here at Bhedaghat we get to see the Marble Rocks situated in Jabalpur district.


Photo Courtesy: Hariya1234

Yes, we have seen the usage of marble rocks and the exotic look it provides to every architecture. The best example being the world famous Taj Mahal! We can't stop gushing about its beauty and craftsmanship. Imagine looking at a hill of marble rocks and that is what amazes you in Bhedaghat.


Photo Courtesy: Sanju71821

Bhedaghat is a small town around 28km from the city of Jabalpur. It is an offbeat but a beautiful destination with three prominent tourist attractions. The Marble Rocks, Dhuandhar Waterfalls and the Chausath Yogini Temple.


Marble Rocks
Photo Courtesy: Anshikasjv12

Ignite Your Imagination at Marble Rocks!

The incredible sights of Narmada River cascading through the Marble Rocks is a major attraction in Bhedaghat. Boating in the river and enjoying the fantastic rock formations is worthwhile here. Interestingly, these rock formations remind us of different animals or shapes. Even the tourist guides who come on the boat will point at the rocks with some familiar shapes.


Photo Courtesy: Sanju71821

Tourist can also enjoy boating at night times during the full moon days. It is a bliss to sail in the cool nights along with the happy Moon!

Dhuandhar Waterfalls

Picturesque Dhuandhar Waterfalls is one of the best tourist places in Bhedaghat. 'Dhua' means smoke and 'Dhar' means flow; the misty waterfalls along with the rainbows create a beautiful sight at Bhedaghat. The post-monsoon season from September to December is the best time to visit Dhuandhar Falls.


Dhuandhar Waterfalls
Photo Courtesy: Sandyadav080

Chausath Yogini Temple

Jabalpur was the hot seat of Kalachuri and Gond Dynasties. Most architectures in this region were constructed during the rule of these dynasties. In the inner sanctum of Chaunsath or Chausath Yogini Temple reside Lord Shiva and Parvathi. In fact, it the idols of 64 Yoginis surrounding the shrine that has given its name. While you are at Bhedaghat, don't miss out this beautiful temple.


Chausath Yogini Temple
Photo Courtesy: Varun Shiv Kapur

Best Time to Visit Bhedaghat

The boating at Bhedaghat starts only in October. However, the months from September to October is the best time to visit Bhedaghat.

How to Reach Bhedaghat

Autos or private cabs are the best means of transport from Jabalpur to Bhedaghat. Jabalpur is the nearest city to Bhedaghat.

Accommodations near Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat doesn't have many stay options. However, a few decent accommodations are available here. Otherwise, Jabalpur is the best place to find decent accommodations, and you will have many options as it is a well-developed city.

Tourist Places in Jabalpur

Madan Mahal Fort, Sangram Sagar Lake, Bargi Dam are some of the important tourist places in Jabalpur.

Offbeat travel brings unique experiences; so don't miss out on the beautiful Bhedaghat!

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