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Swim, Speed and Sail at Bhavani Island!

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Movies like 'Life of Pi', 'Mysterious Island', etc. create a new feel about the islands. Often there is a curiosity and serenity associated with islands! Looking at such destinations in films, we also get excited to explore some islands. However, it is not always possible to visit the popular islands like Andaman and Lakshadweep in India. So, we need to find some beautiful substitutes for short trips.

Bhavani Island in Vijayawada

Bhavani Island
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In this article, we are taking you to one breathtaking river island named Bhavani Island in Vijayawada. Bhavani Island, covering around 133 acres, is also one of the largest river islands in India.

It is situated just near to the Prakasam Barrage on the Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh. A 15 minutes ferry ride from Berm Park Jetty takes us to this beautiful river island.

Bhavani Island in Vijayawada

Bhavani Island
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As per the legend, the land of Vijayawada was threatened by the demons. So, Goddess Durga came here in the form of Kanaka Durga and killed the demons. Thereby, saving all the people from misery. It is from then on the region was named as Vijayawada.

Bhavani Island in Vijayawada

Kanaka Durga Temple
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Kanaka Durga Temple is located on top of Indrakeela Hill at Vijayawada. Goddess Durga's another name is Bhavani and hence this island is named after the Goddess.

Things To Do in Bhavani Island

  • Bhavani Island is a picturesque destination with lush green woods in the midst of River Krishna. A day at this offbeat place is enough to get away from the bustle of the city. It is bliss to engulfed by the pristine aura. Apart from exploring its nature's bounty, there are a lot of fun things to do in Bhavani Island.

Bhavani Island in Vijayawada

Bhavani Island Tower
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  • Bhavani Island is accessible through a ferry ride from the Eastern Bank of Krishna River. The Jetty is in the Berm Park Resort on the banks of the river. The ferry ride through the strolling waters of Krishna River charges you up for the visit.
  • Tourists can see the Prakasam Barrage built across the river on the way to the island.
  • Recently, Bhavani Island has been developed as water sports hub. Hence, you can try many water activities at Bhavani Island.

Bhavani Island in Vijayawada

Ferry at Bhavani Island
Photo Courtesy: Shivram Ravi

  • Water Activities like Speed Boat rides, Parasailing, Caterpillar Boat rides, Expandable Pontoon, water scooter are the fun activities you should try on the island.
  • Visitors can also stay at Haritha Island Resort in Bhavani Island. This resort is maintained by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department and is a waterfront resort. It also has normal as well as AC rooms and Treetop cottages. A stay at this island resort is undoubtedly fun and relaxing.

Tourist Places Near Bhavani Island

Kanaka Durga Temple, Prakasam Barrage, Undavalli Caves, Mogalarajapuram Caves, etc. are the famous tourist places near Bhavani Island.

How to Reach Bhavani Island

Vijayawada is around 275km from Hyderabad and is well-connected to all the major cities of Andhra Pradesh. Bhavani Island can only be reached by ferries from the bank of Krishna River at Vijayawada.

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