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All About Mathura Kaliamman Temple, Siruvachur

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Mathura Kaliamman Temple is one of the temples in Tamil Nadu that has an interesting legend behind its existence. This unique temple is located in the village of Siruvachur near Perambalur in Tamil Nadu.

Interesting Legend Behind the Temple

It is believed that Chelliamman was the principle deity of Siruvachur village. However, her powers got bound by a tantric, who started using the goddess for destructive purposes. When Mathura Kaliamman, an avatar of Goddess Kali, visited the place and stayed there, Chelliamman revealed her servitude to the goddess. Goddess Kali then saves Chelliamman from the tantric. As a token of gratitude, Chelliamman allows Mathura Kaliamman to stay at Siruvachur and he moves to the nearby hillock Periaswamimalai.

kaliamman temple

Mathura Kaliamman Temple
Photo Courtesy: Jegadeeswaran Natarajan 

A condition that Chelliamman had put forward was that every day while the puja is done at the temple, the offerings must be first given the offerings. As a practice, the aarti is first done facing Periaswamimalai which is now the abode of Chelliamman.

The Mathura Kaliamman Temple is more than 1000 years old and is open only on Mondays, Fridays and on special occasions and festivals. It is believed that Mathura Kaliamman visits the temple only on those days. Whereas the Goddess is believed to be with Chelliamman on other days.

Kaliamman Temple

Photo Courtesy: Official Website

One of the festivals that the temple is known for is the annual car festival which takes place here in May. On this day, the idol of Mathura Kaliamman is brough from the shrine to the car where the festivities happen. This car festival is just a part of the 13-day annual celebrations that happen here.

Another festival celebrated here is Poochorithal, which is held on the first Tuesday after the new moon day in the Tamil month of Chithirai, which falls in April-May. The other festivals that are held in the temple premises include Navratri, Karthigai Thirunal, Diwali, Aadi Perukku and Puratasi.

kaliamman temple

Photo Courtesy: Official Website

How to Reach Mathura Kaliamman Temple

The village of Siruvachur is located on the Trichy-Chennai highway, around 50km from Trichy. Buses are available to Perambalur and Trichy that are near to the temple. Auto rickshaws can be taken from there to the temple. Nearest railway station is at Trichu junction which is around 50km away. Trichy Airport is the nearest airport to the temple.

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