Tourists Will Now Be Able To Enjoy Helicopter Rides When They Visit Jaisalmer

Tourists Will Now Be Able To Enjoy Helicopter Rides When They Visit Jaisalmer

Do you love visiting the desert and witnessing the golden sand with mesmerizing sunsets and sunrise? Here is some good news for you to make your desert trip to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan much more exciting. Read on. Visitors to Jaisalmer will soon ...
Amazing Facts About Wadi Rum

Amazing Facts About Wadi Rum

There are 720 square kilometres (278 square miles) of desert wildness in the Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum, also known as "The Valley of the Moon," is a protected valley in southern Jordan with sand that ranges in colour from light tan ...
Sossusvlei Namibia Location Information Must Visit Attractions Facts Things To Do How To Reac

Sossusvlei: Most Popular Tourist Destination In Namibia

The unspoiled desert beauty of Namibia is perfectly exemplified by Sossusvlei. It is a salt and clay pan located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, which is Africa's largest conservation area. One of Namibia's most popular tourist destinations, this picturesque region is ...
Wadi Rum Jordan Location History Information Must See Attractions How To Reach And Best Time T

Wadi Rum: One of The Most Beautiful Desert In The World

Wadi Rum is undoubtedly considered one of the most gorgeous deserts on earth. The spectacular sandstone and basalt mountains that rise out of the sandy bottom of this protected area on Jordan's southern border give it more character than just a ...
The Mojave Desert United States Location Information History Facts How To Reach Best Time To

The Mojave Desert: A Great Excursion From Las Vegas

The Mojave Desert, which stretches across around 47,000 square miles across Southern California and a small portion of Utah, Nevada, & Arizona, is the smallest of all the deserts in North America. The Mojave Arid is a section of a basin ...
Sahara Desert Travel Guide Things To Do Best Time To Visit And How To Reach

Sahara Desert Travel Guide, Things to Do, Best Time To Visit And How To Reach

You might believe that there is nothing to do and that there isn't much to see in the desert, but there is actually a tonne of fantastic things you can do in the Sahara Desert, especially in the amazing and accessible ...
List Of Amazing Facts About The Gobi Desert

Unbelievable Facts About Gobi Desert Like Gobi Desert Has Only 5% Sand and It Snows There, Read on!

The Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia is well-known for being one of the world's most distinctive ecosystems and best-kept secrets. The area is well-known for its unusual natural formations, numerous locations with authentic dinosaur fossils, and a variety of indigenous plants ...
Sahara Desert Information Location Facts And History

Sahara Desert: Largest Hot Desert in The World

On Earth, the Sahara Desert, which is around 3.5 million square miles in size, is the most vast, driest, hot, and expansive desert (9,064,958 sq. km). It is situated in Northern Africa, tucked between the Red Sea in the east, the ...
Places Hidden In The World S Deserts

Majestic Deserts: Mysterious Gems Hidden In the Deserts

Desert is an ocean in sand mass and can turn a non-believer in magic into a believer. Call it mysterious or nature's patient artwork, it does hold some deep dark secrets disguised under its soothing golden visual treat. And today, we ...
Must Know Interesting Facts About Jodhpur

Some Gripping Facts About Jodhpur That Might Leave You In Awe

PC- Ajajr101 Nestled wonderfully in the beautiful stretch of the sparkling Thar Desert, Jodhpur is one of the significant tourist places in Rajasthan. It has gained fame across the world on account of its historical monuments, ancient temples and natural sites. Today, ...
Experiences One Can Gain Only Rajasthan

7 Experiences You Can Gain Only In Rajasthan

The land of kings and the world of palaces and forts, Rajasthan is one destination in India which has been alluring tourists from all over the world. After all, it is the only state in the country where one can savour ...
Festival Destinations Of India Every Traveller Must Visit This November

Festival Destinations Of India Every Traveller Must Visit This November

The autumn-winter months are the best for travelling in India, as the rains subside and the weather turns cooler and drier. It is during this period of time that the skies become clear, giving way to many festivals and celebrations throughout ...

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