Places Hidden In The World S Deserts

Majestic Deserts: Mysterious Gems Hidden In the Deserts

Desert is an ocean in sand mass and can turn a non-believer in magic into a believer. Call it mysterious or nature's patient artwork, it does hold some deep dark secrets disguised under its soothing golden visual treat. And today, we ...
Must Know Interesting Facts About Jodhpur

Some Gripping Facts About Jodhpur That Might Leave You In Awe

PC- Ajajr101 Nestled wonderfully in the beautiful stretch of the sparkling Thar Desert, Jodhpur is one of the significant tourist places in Rajasthan. It has gained fame across the world on account of its historical monuments, ancient temples and natural sites. Today, ...
Experiences One Can Gain Only Rajasthan

7 Experiences You Can Gain Only In Rajasthan

The land of kings and the world of palaces and forts, Rajasthan is one destination in India which has been alluring tourists from all over the world. After all, it is the only state in the country where one can savour ...
Festival Destinations Of India Every Traveller Must Visit This November

Festival Destinations Of India Every Traveller Must Visit This November

The autumn-winter months are the best for travelling in India, as the rains subside and the weather turns cooler and drier. It is during this period of time that the skies become clear, giving way to many festivals and celebrations throughout ...
Jaipur To Jodhpur Nirvana For History Aficionados

Jaipur To Jodhpur – Nirvana For History Aficionados!

Stationed in the midst of the Thar Desert, the fascinating aerial view of the city of Jodhpur is in vivid shades of blue. The hefty forts that protect the city make Jodhpur worth visiting. The fort's intricate carvings make for exclusive ...
Explore The Beauty Amidst Ruins At The Jalore Fort Of Rajasthan

Explore The Beauty Amidst Ruins At The Jalore Fort Of Rajasthan

Famously known as Granite City, Jalore is a city located in the vibrant state of Rajasthan. The small, industrious town is famous for its stone quarries and for producing some of the finest granite in the world. Jalore, also spelled as ...
Explore Nubra Valley An Ancient Valley Of Flowers

Explore Nubra Valley – An Ancient Valley Of Flowers

Originally known as Ldumbra, which means "The Valley of Flowers", Nubra Valley is popular for its picturesque topography, monasteries and endemic camels. It is situated in the northeast part of Jammu & Kashmir, and is about 150 km away from Leh, ...
Places To Visit In Mount Abu

Visit the oasis of Rajasthan this winter;It has the most beautiful Jain pilgrimage site in the world

If Rajasthan is just sprawling red dunes of sand for you, you must visit this oasis in Rajasthan! Mount Abu in Rajasthan is a rare sight in the desert state of Rajasthan with rivers, lakes, waterfalls and elegant forests. It is ...
Places To Visit In Bundi In Rajasthan

A Travel Through the Architecturally Rich Town of Bundi in Rajasthan!

The desert state of India proudly boasts of a rich and grandeur past! The mysteriously captivating red sands of Rajasthan is a home to some of the architectural marvels in India. Many splendid forts and palaces stand the test of time ...
Vibrant Sights Rajasthan 000937 Pg

Contrasting Hues of Rajasthan - A Visual Tour

Rajasthan, the very mention of the state brings to mind images of vivid hues. Vibrant forms of art and culture, stunning architecture, mesmerising natural beauty, wild encounters and royal experiences make up the journey across the beautiful desert state of Rajasthan. ...
Places Visit Kota Rajasthan

Kota - The Regalia of Rajasthan

Rajasthan has many treasures that every traveller would love to explore, among them is the third largest city in the state, Kota. Beautifully located on the banks of river Chambal, the city of Kota is popular for tourism as it has ...

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