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Tirupati Weather

The best part of the year to visit Tirupati is after the Monsoons and during the winters. The months of November to February provide the ideal conditions for a visit to Tirupati. However, June to September is the best time to visit Tirupati for the purpose of pilgrimage as the major festival Brahmotsavam falls during that period.


The summer season of Tirupati is best avoided for tourist purposes as the weather is extremely uncomfortable. The maximum temperature goes upto as high as 40° -45° Celsius especially during the months of April and May.


The monsoons are experienced mostly during July to September, although there are often heavy rains in the months of October and November. The rains are a welcome respite. Tirupati looks beautiful and fresh during the mild rains.


The winter which is experienced during the months of December to February is the best part of the year to visit Tirupati. The temperature is between 15° Celsius - 30 ° Celsius. The pleasant temperature makes it the most enjoyable experience for most travellers.