Rajiv Gandhi Memorial, Sriperumbudur

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Rajiv Gandhi Memorial is the area in which former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by a human bomb on 21st May 1991. The Tamil Nadu government has converted the area into a memorial. The memorial was constructed by Central Public Works Department. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had dedicated it to the nation. The memorial has a Pink Granite statue of Rajiv Gandhi on a raised platform. There are seven granite pillars surrounding the blast site which represent the concept of Dharma, Nyaya, Satya, Tyaga, Samridhi, Vigyan and Shanti.

They also symbolise the seven holy rivers of India namely, Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Narmada, Kaveri, Brahmaputra and Godavari. The relief work on the stone wall made of grey granite represents the Indian civilisation from the ancient times to the present day.

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