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Salkhan Fossil Park, Sonbhadra

Salkhan Fossil Park is situated inside the Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary of Sonbhadra district in UP. It lies 17 km from Robertsganj, the district headquarter. The park essentially represents the geological heritage of the district Sonbhadra.

The tree fossils are, in fact, the petrified or concretised form of the organic matter found in tree stumps. The algae or the stromatolites type fossils appear as circular stony formations over the boulders scattered in the region.

According to geologists, the tree fossils are approximately 1400 millions years old and their origin date back to Proterozoic period.

Spread over an area of around 25 hectares, the park is three times larger and much older than the Yellowstone National Park of USA.

As pointed out by the local environment protection activists, Salkhan Fossil Park is an invaluable geological treasure not only of the country, but for the whole world. Its fossils provide a wealth of information about the origin of the planet earth as well of life itself.

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