Kauncha, Silvassa

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Kauncha, a typical tribal village, is situated 40 kilometres in the south of Silvassa on the bank of Madhuban dam on river Damanganga. It is surrounded by green valleys, thick forests and majestic mountain ranges of the Western Ghats which together lend it's spectacular beauty.

The residents of the village belong to ancient tribes such as Warlis and Kuknas who live so close to nature that they appear an integral part of it. They live in tiny clay hutments surrounded by lush green trees. You will see women carrying baskets and men folk grazing cattle. Their mainstay is agriculture and they spend their leisure time in creating works of tribal art and enjoying music and dance.

They extensively use bamboo to make bows, arrows and also paper mache for creating artistic items like decorative birds and animals. Their art represents the tradition and culture of Warli tribe including the harvest season, festival celebrations, wedding parties and births. Tourists can savour the local food prepared in the traditional way by hospitable tribal women.

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