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Tribal Cultural Museum, Silvassa


The Tribal Cultural Museum is dedicated to portraying and preserving the rich legacy and pristine glory of the life, society, traditions, civilization and culture of the tribal people of this region. The museum is located in the centre of the town and its entrance is decorated with beautiful handmade torans or garlands typical of the area.

The courtyard displays a model of a scantily dressed tribal occupied with winnowing. The mannequin is so realistically crafted that you cannot resist the urge to touch and see if it is actually alive. The visitors have to remove their shoes before entering the exhibition rooms of the museum which exhibit various facets of the tribal life.

The exhibits showcased include the exotic ornaments worn by men and women, their daily activities, household items, kitchenware, fishing rods, agricultural and hunting tools and musical instruments. The museum walls are embellished with daggers, spears, bows, arrows, an old style musket, sabres, shields and armours besides several artifacts such as wedding costumes and photographs of their cultural and social events.

There are photographs of the folk dances such as the Gheria dance performed by the Dubla tribe, Koknas dancers wearing Bohadda masks, the Dhol dancers and the amazing pyramid formed by the Tur dancers.

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