Shivagange – A Glorious Getaway For The Inclined

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Shivagange is a great place for a trek. It lies a small distance away from Bangalore (60 kilometers) and therefore is ideal for a day trip.

A Place Meant For Pilgrims – Tourist Places In And Around Shivagange

Shivagange is basically a small hillock. It derives its name from the Shiva temple located right at the top of the hillock. In addition to this, there is a spring which adds to the charm of the place. The locals believe that the spring is an off-shoot of the holy Ganges and thus the name Shivagange. The Shiv temple atop the hill has given Shivagange the sobriquet of Dakshina Kashi.

Popular sights at Shivagange include the ancient Gangadhareshwara temple. Legend has it that there is a secret tunnel that connects this temple to the Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple in Bangalore. However, the tunnel has never been discovered. The Patala Ganga temple is the site where the spring gushes forth from under the earth and surprisingly, the water level keeps changing almost constantly.

The hillock has huge boulders and a rock-climbing session is a must for the adventure minded.

How To Reach Shivagange

Dabas Pet, the nearest town to Shivagange, is eight kilometers away. Those coming from Bangalore would have to board a bus to Tumkur and then pick a connection to Dabas Pet. There are private buses that operate between Dabas Pet and Shivagange.

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