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Rukhala, situated in the heart of the Kotkhai belt, is a tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh which is fast growing in prominence. This place is known for its picturesque beauty, delicious apples and hospitality. Other attractions of the place are the villages that have been converted into heritage villages.

During the months of December and January, Apple and Plum Orchards become laden with pink and green fruits causing an explosion of colours in the rustic landscape dotted with farmhouses. Rukhala is famous worldwide for the production and export of Royal, Golden and Granny Smith apples.

Tourist places In and Around Rukhala

Apart from green orchards, Rukhala has many more tourist attractions. The Kiari Temple and Deori Temple are a few names worth mentioning among the many attractions of Rukhala. Both the temples are reachable by trekking through rich green forests and rural farmhouses. The Kiari Temple, devoted to Hindu Goddess Durga, the embodiment of creative feminine forces, is a 300 year old monument.

Excursions to the region of Chambi-Kuppar, located at a distance of forty kilometres from Rukhala, can also be taken up by visitors.

How to reach Rukhala

Rukhala is well connected through the major modes of communication, namely, airways, railways and roadways.

Rukhala weather

Summer, monsoon, and winter are the major seasons experienced at Rukhala. Tourists planning to travel around the place are advised to visit the destination during the summer which starts in the month of May and continues till July. However, visits during winter are also recommended as climatic conditions remain pleasant during this time.

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