Triyuginarayan, Rudraprayag

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Triyuginarayan located in Rudraprayag is a holy place to visit. According to beliefs, it was the capital of Himvat, where Hindu God Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati during the methodological era of Satyug. Interestingly, the Havan Kund which was used for the marriage is still burning. It is believed that the ashes of the fire bless devotees with marital bliss.

There is a Vishnu Temple located in the vicinity of this holy place. It has an architectural style similar to that of the Kedarnath Temple. Tourists visiting this place can also visit Rudrakund, Vishnukund, and Brahmakund. The Saraswati Kund is the source of these three kunds. According to beliefs, the water of this kund emerges from the naval of the Lord Vishnu. The place is also known for curing the infertility of women.


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