Pitamahal Dam, Rourkela

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Pitamahal Dam is situated near village Balanda, which is around 22.3 km away from the city of Rourkela. The dam started operation from the year 1978. It is located across the Pitamahal River. The dam has a total length of 660.20 m. The dam has a maximum height of 25.96 m.Among the various picnic spots in and around Rourkela, the Pitamahal Dam is a prominent one.

There is an Inspection Bungalow near the dam, which is maintained by the irrigation department. Visitors making a trip to the dam are mesmerized by the scenery of the place. The natural beauty of the surrounding areas and the cool water of the dam offer a relaxation to the mind and body in today’s busy world.

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