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At 8000 feet above sea level, the world seems different. The air is cleaner, the atmosphere more rejuvenating and a city dweller finds himself in a place so slow paced you want to breathe in every bit of the experience. Rishyap can be reached via a short 4 kilometer trek from Lava in the north of West Bengal and the trip there is worth the experience that follows.

Tourist places in and around Rishyap

Rishyap translates to ‘moutain peak and a tree.’ It is situated amid some beautiful hidden hills at the Neora Valley. It offers an excellent view of Kanchenjungha and famous peaks to visit and photograph are Talung, Pandim, Simvo and Kharg. The Lava monastery is also within walking distance of Rishyap.

Natural Beauty

For a glimpse of some dense pine forests head towards Pedong which is approximately 20 kilometers from Rishyap. This region also connects India to Tibet. Tifandara is another place of interest, which is also known as Sherpa Dara from where a view of the snow capped Himalayas can be seen. Rishyap is one of the only places from where views of both Nepal and Tibet can be caught.

Rishyap on foot

Nature walks are common in Rishyap and one must definitely try a guided tour of the place. The closest airport to Rishyap is Siliguri. Tourists are advised to make travel arrangements on a prior basis and carry essential medicines since they aren’t easy to come by at Rishyap.

Rishyap Weather

The climate of Rishyap is pleasant.

Best time to visit Rishyap

The best time to visit Rishyap is right after the winters when the temperature is not extreme and becomes ideal for travelling.

How to reach Rishyap

Rishyap is well connected with road and rail.

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