Ranipur Karchulian, Rewa

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Ranipur Karchulian is located in the famous town of Rewa in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The place is situated at a distance of nearly fifteen kilometers from the main city. The place is located at the Rewa-Allahabad Road and the road is also known as the NH7. The place was a tehsil headquarter long ago.

The Kalchuri rulers used to reside at the place according to history. They used to live around the 18th century. The place is a famous tourist spot in the city as one gets the glimpses of some of the greatest architectural exhibitions of the 18th century.

The place also has a great historical value. The place is named after the rulers of Kalchuri. The place is at present maintained by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. A lot of tourists visit the place all through the year.


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