Rani Talab, Rewa

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Rani Talab is one of the oldest water wells situated in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the holiest water bodies in the entire district, and there is a huge craze among the people to visit the place during auspicious occasions. It is a very well connected well; and is used to solve many purposes of irrigation.

The talab is situated on the southern part of the city of Rewa. Cultivation, irrigation and fisheries are the important things that are done by the holy water of the well. The well has a temple near it and the deity there is Goddess Kali.

The Goddess is considered to be very powerful by the locals as they do believe that everyone gets their wishes fulfilled after visiting the deity. Every year during the Diwali a grand Puja takes place in the temple premises as the day just before the Diwali is considered to be Kali Puja.


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