Chachai Waterfalls, Rewa

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Chachai Waterfalls is one of the highest waterfalls in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The falls gushes out from a height of 130 metre. The waterfalls get the source from Bihad River which is a tributary of the Tamsa River. The river comes down from the Rewa plateau.

The waterfall causes an impression as it cascades down and rejuvenates the surrounding. This point where the impression takes place is considered as one of the greatest examples of such type. There are breaks in slopes in the vertical section of the river.

The water thus falls vertically thereby creating this lovely waterfall and causing a break in the channel gradient. The waterfall is located at a distance of about 46 kilometre from the main city of Rewa. The waterfall is famous as it is situated at the edge of the famous Chitrakoot Hills. The Chitrakoot Hills have a great mythological value.


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