Govindgarh Palace, Rewa

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Govindgarh Palace was built by the Maharaja of Rewa long back in the year 1882 AD. This palace is 13 km away from the town of Rewa. The palace is surrounded by some beautiful waterfalls such as the Keonti, Chachai and Bachuti. It is at this place where the two rivers Bihad and Pichiya merge together.

The palace is very well constructed with beautiful architecture all around its body. There is an underground tunnel in the palace that was used as a secret path by the kings of Rewa. There are many temples such as the Chowandi Temple, Hanuman Temple that are situated all across the palace.

The palace is situated on the shore of the Govindgarh Lake made by prepared by the Baghela Kings. There is a museum inside the palace that has a vast history. The museum is famous in the history of the state as it is the first museum to house a white tiger recovered from the nearby jungles in 1952. The white tiger was named Mohan by the locals.


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