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Redi is a quaint little coastal village that belongs to the district of Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. Originally known as Redipattanam, Redi is located very close to the shores of the majestic Arabian Sea and is dotted with plenty of cashew and coconut trees.

The Village belongs to the Vengurla Talkua and was a significant sea port during the earlier times. Redi has now evolved into a tourist hub because of its long virgin and unspoiled beaches alongside archaic historic monuments like the Yashwantgad Fort. Redi is merely 566 km away from Mumbai and can be easily reached.

Tourist Places In Redi

The Swayambbhu Shiv Temple, the Ganesha Temple, the Mauli Temple, the Rampurush Temple and the Navadurga Temple – where Goddess Durga is worshipped - are some of the many religious shrines this place is specked with. The Yashwantgad Fort, Shiroda, Aravali and the Terekhol Fort are a few historic monuments that are worth a visit.

Redi is also a nature’s paradise. The Redi Beach is a panoramic stretch lined with lovely coconut and beetle nut trees apart from cashew and mango plantations.

Redi Weather

The climate in Redi is inviting and warm throughout the year. It experiences a tropical climate which means that the summers are slightly hot, though the cool winter breezes more than make up for it. It serves as a viable retreat for almost the entire year. However, the post monsoon season is your best bet.

How To Reach Redi

Redi doesn’t possess a railway station or an airport. However, this does not hamper the travel to this scenic spot. The International Airport at Goa and the Sawantwadi Railway Station ensure smooth and memorable journeys. By road, the host of state buses are not only comfortable for a ride but also economical.

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