Satyabhama Devi Temple, Puttaparthi

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The Satyabhama temple has been constructed by Satya Sai Baba’s grandfather, Late Kondama Raju. The temple is dedicated to mother Satyabhama, consort of Lord Krishna. The temple depicts various images of Lord Krishna. The Sanctum of the temple has a three feet high Idol of the Satyabhama.

The temple is the only known temple dedicated to mother Satyabhama. Kondama Raju constructed the temple as he saw a dream of Satyabhama waiting for her husband who had gone to get the Parijat flowers for her. When Lord Krishna did not return she broke into tears leading to a huge storm. Satyabhama requested Kondama Raju to provide her with shelter from the storm in his dreams. Hence he was inspired to construct a temple for her.


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