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Statue of Dupleix, Pondicherry


The Statue of Joseph Francois Dupleix, governor of Pondicherry from 1742 to 1754 is located on the beach road. It is housed inside the Children’s Park at Pondicherry. The Statue stands 2.88 m tall and is installed at the southern end of the park. It was installed by the French government in the year 1870 when his work for the French government was officially recognized by them.

Another statue was installed during the same time in France. The statue is located in Goubert Avenue. The late governor was an integral part of French colonial India during its nascent period and has contributed much to the purpose of establishing French rule in India and was also renowned as an able administrator.

The statue and the children’s park which houses it are a recommended visit for those who visit Pondicherry.

Statue of Dupleix Photos