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Pondicherry Beach, Pondicherry


The Pondicherry Beach, better known as Promenade Beach, was once the prime attraction of Pondicherry. Sea erosion caused by the construction of a new harbour in Ariyankuppam has been the death knell to this once beautiful beach. All that remains of the proud Promenade beach is a seawall of riprap boulders that make it unsuitable for strolling or swimming.

However, an artificial beach has been constructed atop the seawall, called “la Faux-Plage”, which literally translates to “the fake beach”. Movement of traffic along the beach has been banned in the evenings, transforming it into the ideal place for wandering by the sea.

The Promenade Beach spans 1.5 km and runs parallel to all the major attractions of the town. It is still a must visit location once at Pondicherry.

Pondicherry Beach Photos

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