Sharda Temple, Pilani

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Sharda temple is one of the popular tourist attractions in Pilani, Rajasthan. The 20th century temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati and was built by the famous industrialist, freedom fighter and philanthropist - G.D. Birla.

The temple is located in the Vidya Vihar campus of the famous engineering college, BITS Pilani. It is constructed of beautiful marble, which was especially brought from Makrana, also in Rajasthan. Incorporating elements of Indo-Aryan scheme of temple construction, the temple design is inspired by the Khandariya Mahadeo temple at Khajuraho. The temple is divided into five sections, Garbha-Griha or the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Pradakshinapatha or the circumambulatory path, the Antarala, the Mandapam and the Ardha Mandapa.

The temple presents a great example of the combination of science and spirituality. The exterior of the shrine has figures of philosophers, saints and scientists, which reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the monument.


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