Tashi Jong Monastery, Palampur

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Tashi Jong Monastery, one of the noted tourist spots of the city of Palampur, is home to several Tibetans refugees in the state. The main feature of the monastery is that it appears to be more like a community than a religious centre. The curved roof of the monastery is mounted with red-golden coloured embellishments that look like prayer flags. Peace seekers and Buddhist pilgrims visit this place often. The walls of the temple are prettily tinted, representing the art and culture of Tibet. The artistic excellence of the temple can be derived from the beautiful loom like stupa, a Buddhist spiritual monument, placed in the monastery.A wide variety of Tibetan artefacts, paintings and articles can be seen in the craft emporium of the monastery. Apart from this, magnificent gardens, restaurants, and craft emporiums in the region attract many visitors.

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