Kanivenarayanapura, Nandi Hills

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Tourists are recommended to visit the Kanivenarayanapura Town that is situated at a distance of 7 km from the Nandi Town. Travellers can enjoy the beautiful hills surrounding Kanivenarayanapura, namely Skandagiri, Brahma Giri, Nandi Hills and Channa Giri.

The responsibility of sanitation, clean water, employment and schooling facilities for Kanivenarayanapura has been taken up by the Children of Sathya Sai Baba Foundation. A school, irrigation system, park, sanitation, health care facilities, spacious homes and community halls are being constructed in this town.

Kanivenarayanapura is popular for its fertile land and cultivation of coconut, silk, grapes and eucalyptus. The site is renowned among people for the presence of different wild life species. According to the natives, Mahatma Gandhi had made a stopover in this town while on his way to Nandi village. Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace is a popular attraction located in vicinity of Kanivenarayanapura.

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