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Nanded Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Nanded

  • 01Hazur Sahib Gurudwara

    The Hazur Sahib Gurudwara houses one of the five thrones of authority of Sikhism. Located in Nanded on the banks of the Godavari river, this well preserved shrine features the best of Sikh architecture and religious practices.

    A must watch is the opening ceremony early in the morning when prayers are followed by all the battle weapons being washed in holy water. It’s a sight worth seeing, when emotions and excitement are both at their peak.

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  • 02Nawab Sarfaraz Khan Sahid Masjid

    Nawab Sarfaraz Khan Sahid Masjid

    This mosque, built close to 330 years ago was built to honour Sarfaraz Khan a high ranking officer in the Mogul Emperor Aurangzeb’s army. Standing tall in the Biloli Township, this Mosque has loads to offer in terms of well-preserved architecture. A lightning strike in the 60s destroyed most of the southern side which was quickly restored.

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  • 03Unkeshwar Temple Hot Springs

    Unkeshwar Temple Hot Springs

    Keeping with the multi-cultural experience Nanded has to offer, the Unkeshwar temples are a place one must try to visit. The Hot Springs here at close to 43 degrees Celsius are known to have medicinal properties that curb skin ailments owing to its sulphur content.

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  • 04Kandhar Fort

    Kandhar Fort

    Very few forts in Maharashtra are as well maintained as Kandhar. The fort features a one of a kind water-filled moat encircling the structure. A photographer’s paradise, this fort is frequented by many architecture students from the state. It’s a building from the Nizamshahi period and was built in honour of Rashtrakuta King Krishna III.

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  • 05Govind Bag

    Govind Bag

    Govind Bag is the ideal place to kick back in the evening. If you get lucky, you might just manage to get a glimpse of the unique light and sound show organized at Govind Bag (Park) during many festivals.

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