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The best season to visit Malampuzha is winter. Another good time to visit is soon after the monsoons i.e. during August and September. Onam, the major festival of Kerala, falls within this season making it ideal for those who are in the mood for festivities. Those who want to get a glimpse of Kalpathy Ratholsavam and Kaalapoottu should visit Malampuzha in November and January respectively.


The summers in the town of Malampuzha are extremely hot and intense. Summer season starts in Malampuzha from the month of March and are prolonged till May. During this season the temperature hits the maximum of 45°C. Summers are not an ideal time to visit Malampuzha and should be preferably avoided.


Malampuzha receives considerably good rainfall during Monsoons. The monsoon clouds cover Malampuzha from the month of June, and the place is blessed with generous showers till September. Incessant rains can hinder travelers from exploring the dam and gardens. This season is not recommended for sightseeing and for visiting the amusement park.


Winter in Malampuzha offers a pleasing and mild climate. The duration of winter is from December to February. This is the best time to visit the place and travelers can enjoy various sightseeing and adventure options around the gardens and the dam. During winter the temperatures vary from 20°C to 32°C.