Gokhar Parvat, Mahoba

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Gokhar Parvat or Gokhar Hill in Mahoba district in Uttar Pradesh is located approximately one kilometer from Banda city, 31 kms from Mahoba. Gokhar Parvat is one of the most popular tourist destinations of this region.

The hill range comprising magnificent granite rock formations, scenic waterfalls and spectacular caves was once an abode of Guru Gorakhnath and his disciples. The famous Kakramath temple is also situated in Gokhar Parvat. The mountain range particularly attracts the devotees of Nath sect of Hindu religion.

The Parvat draws huge crowds of picnickers and climbers. It is home to a host of shrines dedicated to Hindu, Jain and Buddhist faiths. Some of the popular tourist spots located here include Bari Chandrika Devi Temple, Suraj Kurd and Shiva Temple at Katheswar and Ram Kurd.

Another tourist centre that has come up here is Betel Research Centre. It is a branch of the NBRI Lucknow and is situated at Chhattarpur Road.


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