Maheshwar Ghats (Peshwa, Ahilya and Fenese Ghat), Maheshwar

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The Ghats of Maheshwar are sites which are never empty. Alongside the sacred Narmada River, the major Ghats of Maheshwar are mainly Peshwa, Ahilya and Fenese Ghats. These Ghats are visited by numerous devotees every day who spend hours sitting by the river side. A bath in the holy Narmada is a must for devotees.

These Ghats also have some exceptional stone carvings depicting several memorials. These carvings are efforts to commemorate the Satis of Lord Shiva, rather, that of "Maheshwar".

Along the banks of these Ghats, there stand various temples dedicated to Lord Shiva which purifies the environment with feelings of extreme devotion. Devotees occupy the banks either to bathe in the holy river or to spend time along the riverside. These Ghats are therefore considered sacred since the time they existed.




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