Bangaram, Lakshadweep

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As described by many tourists having been there, Bangaram was made for the honeymooner. That being said, the island has more to offer than some of its larger counterparts in the Lakshadweep Island group most importantly because of its proximity to Agatti and the island group’s domestic airport.

To start with, Bangaram, unlike many other islands in the group is well equipped with 60 luxury cottages. The proximity of the cottages to the beaches makes it an ideal place to spend a few days. The fact that they have a linked restaurant makes it for a wholesome experienced and one can order in some of the delicious staples Bangaram has to offer. Bangaram Island has a plethora of marine and land base fauna that have attracted tourists for many years. One can catch a glimpse of various kinds of birds, fish, porcupines and parrots in particular.

The SCUBA and Snorkeling excursions promise a spectacular introduction to what lies beneath the water surface and it truly is beautiful! Bangaram Island offers underwater activities for all levels of proficiency. Tired of the beach and one can take a walk through the island’s lush and vast coconut grove spread over almost 120 acres. The Bangaram Island Resort also known as BIS with its proximity to the beach offers beach facilities like hammocks, shacks and umbrellas which make for a perfect afternoon with a book or even to catch up with a little bit of work. The white rimmed shores of the beach are sure to turn quite a few heads and what’s best; Bangaram is the only island in the Lakshadweep island group that allows tourists to consume alcohol.

Getting to Bangaram is easy enough. One can take a boat from Agatti after having flown into the domestic airport, or get a direct board from Cochin on the west coast of mainland India. Bangaram is also connected to Agatti via helicopter service.


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