Suheli Par, Lakshadweep

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Suheli Par is an island group comprising of Suheli Valiyakara and Suheli Cheriyakara, two small islets, located approximately 75 kilometers south of Agatti Island. The defining feature of the two islets is the large oval shaped lagoon, pristine and emerald green in color with a world of marine fauna in the offering. Between the two islands lies a long thin sand bank called Suheli Pitti which is used as a breeding ground by many indigenous feathered species.

Suheli Par becomes a processing center for Tuna from October to April when fishermen from Agatti and other neighboring islands put up at temporary settlements on Suheli Par. Suheli Par is an ideal holiday destination for an afternoon of seclusion or to just sit back and relax on the white sandy beach with no interruptions whatsoever. One will need to plan the trip well in advance and carry supplies, but Suheli Par promises to be a welcome change from commercialized tropical destinations.


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