Matsya and Panchami Tirthas, Kukke Subramanya

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Travellers 'must visit' Matsya and Panchami Tirthas on their trip to Kukke Subramanya if time allows. These sites are known for washing away all the sins of the pilgrims by upon bathing in the water.

Matsya Tirtha is located on the banks of River Kumaradhara, whereas Panchami Tirtha is situated in proximity of Kumara Dhara River. The latter is a Subrahmanya Matha and is said to have belonged to the Brindavanas Swamis.

In the proximity of these tirthas are Somanatah Temple, Agrahara Somnath Temple and the tomb of His Holiness Sri Varahathirtha of Shree Subrahmanya Math. On the occasion of Panchami, pilgrims take bathe in the River Kumaradhara.

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