Kudremukh Peak, Kudremukh

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While on a trip to Kudremukh, tourists must visit Kudremukh Peak that lies at an elevation of approximately 1894 meter above sea level. This site is perfect for travellers who are interested in trekking and exploring forests. Upon visiting this site, travellers will notice that hills in the mountain range are wide and connected with each other. Kudremukh Peak offers visitors a beautiful and mesmerising view of the Arabian Sea and is home to varied flora and fauna species. Travellers may easily be able to see the lion tailed macaques at Kudremukh Peak.

People who are looking forward to visit the Kudremukh Peak will be offered best facilities and necessary equipments for trekking. Moreover, they do not need to worry about lodging facilities as proper accommodation services are available in proximity of Kundremukh Peak, such as forest lodges and guest houses. In order to reach this site, tourists can board private or state operated buses from the nearby Kalasa town.

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