Bhavani Mandap, Kolhapur

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The Bhavani Mandap is an elegant part of Kolhapur, one which is directly connected to Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj’s background. Considered to be Kolhapur’s construct, this old structure is popularly called the ‘Glory of the City’.

This place was built by the then Kolhapur king, Shivaji Maharaj II, at a time when Kolhapur finally achieved a self-governed status. The Mandap houses a temple that is devoted to Goddess Bhavani. It was originally built of 14 square, 7 of which were ruined later on due to Muslim invasion.

The hall area of the Madap is large and magnificent. One can observe Shahu Maharaj’s statue at the hallway, with intricately designed lights and ornaments adorning the entire place.

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