Sukrala Mata Temple, Kathua

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Sukrala Mata Temple, dedicated to Hindu goddess Sukrala Devi, is an ancient shrine situated in the district of Kathua. Constructed by a banished prince of Chamba, Madho Singh, this religious centre is positioned on a small hill at an elevation of 3500 ft. According to the local people, this temple is also the holy abode to Hindu Goddess Mal Devi, who is considered as the reincarnation of another Hindu Goddess Sharda Devi.

People also believe that the Goddess marked Herself in a sitting position on a block of stone. The goddess can be seen sitting on a lion figure made up of brass along with a mounted head built of silver. Devotees can also see the statue of Mahishasura Mardini, a form of Hindu Goddess Durga, standing on top of Mahishasura, the king of demons.

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