Gudahandi, Kalahandi

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Gudahandi is an incredible and picturesque spot that is made by adjoining of three hills in Kalahandi. Not only naturally bounties, but also Gudahandi is home to several evidences that are believed to be of pre-historic age. The caves that belong to these hills bear several paintings on their body. These paintings are believed to have been carved out during the Indus Valley Civilisation. All the caves are more or less of the same size except the one present towards the extreme North. One can be easily mesmerized by the red and black paintings present at the entrance of the caves.

A verdant valley lies in the adjoining area of the Northern and the Southern hills which adds to the beauty of Gudahandi hills. A small river named Behera flows across the hills which houses the remains of an ancient Dam believed to have been built by Bhima. Gudahandi is a favorite picnic spot for the local people as well as for the visitors during the winter.

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