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Since the occurrence of rainfall is less and happens for a brief time, one can travel through the city and enjoy the various hotspots for sight-seeing. The waterfalls are at their best, and the green forests rejuvenate to a fresh look after the scorching summer.


Summer season prevails between March to June. Temperature during this time reaches 41° Celsius on an average. Maximum temperature can soar above 45° Celsius, whereas minimum temperatures are never less than 33°Celsius. Continuous spell of heat waves flow across Kalahandi contribute to uneasy living.


Monsoon season is from the months of July to September. Kalahandi experiences short spell of rainfall during monsoon, and the weather becomes enticing. Traveling during this time to Kalahandi can become a beautiful experience.


Winter season is very short and only prevails in the month of December to February. Mercury level goes down to 5° Celsius. January is the coolest one of all. The town of Kalahandi gets covered under the thick fog and visibility becomes less.