Asurgarh, Kalahandi

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Asurgarh as the name suggests Fort of Asura is near Narla in Kalahandi. This place is was once inhabited by urbanized and most civilized people of 500 BC to 500 AD and served as a political and cultural hub. People travel to this place to marvel the remnants of a fort that is located near a large tank of 200 acres named Asursagar.

It has four entrances in each direction, and each entrance enshrines a different deity. The east entrance is presided by Goddess Ganga, whereas the west entrance is ruled by Kala Pahad. The Vaishnavi image is installed in the south and Lord Budhharaja is worshipped in the north direction. The Fort’s presiding deity is Goddess Dokari or Old Lady which is enshrined inside the Fort. Locals believe that the Fort was home to a demon king, Gosingha Daitya. Anyone traveling to Asurgarh Fort is guaranteed of sailing into the virtual tour of ancient times.

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