Nandapur, Jeypore

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Nandapur was once the capital of Jeypore. Situated around 14 miles from Semiliguda and 293 km from Patangi, this place is of great historical importance. Some antique materials excavated from this place indicate the ancient existence of Jainism and Shaktism cult.

Nandapur has earned its popularity from the throne of 32 steps which is also known as ‘Batrisa Simhasana’ which is believed to be built by the great Vikramadiya. The village is also flanked by some small streams. Towards the northern end of this village, one can find two massive boulders.

One of them contains beautiful sculptures and the other has an elephant engraved in it. A little further in the same direction lies the shrine of Lord Sarveswar which too has some inscriptions engraved in it. Seeing these sculptures and inscriptions one can visualize the glorious past of this village.

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