Gupteswar Cave, Jeypore

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Gupteswara Cave, at a distance of about 60 km from Jeypore, is situated amidst thick dense forest and is flanked by the Kolab River. Inside the cave resides a holy Lingam named as Gupteswar. Gupteswar means ‘Hidden God’ and is also known as ‘Gupta Kedar’ in Chattisgarh district.

This place is very famous all over the country for the Sravana festival which is celebrated with huge fervor and gaiety. Many devotees gather here from all over the country to celebrate Shivratri. According to a legend, this Lingam was first discovered by Lord Rama when he once went through this place with his wife Sita and brother Laxman.

Tourists can also pay a visit to the Saberi River which is located very near to this place. Spending some time by the quiet bank of the river amidst a whiff of fresh air can rejuvenate one’s body, soul and mind. The gurgling mountains, dense forest, serene river and the holy Shiva Linga makes this place worth visiting.

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