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Jeypore Weather

Live Weather Forecast
Jeypore, India 35 ℃ Haze
Wind: 11 from the W Humidity: 11% Pressure: 1009 mb Cloud Cover: 0%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Min Max
Monday 06 May 30 ℃ 86 ℉ 42 ℃108 ℉
Tuesday 07 May 31 ℃ 88 ℉ 42 ℃107 ℉
Wednesday 08 May 30 ℃ 87 ℉ 42 ℃107 ℉
Thursday 09 May 30 ℃ 85 ℉ 40 ℃103 ℉
Friday 10 May 28 ℃ 82 ℉ 39 ℃102 ℉

Winter is the best time to visit Jeypore. The winter season sets in October and remains till February. Many festivals are also held during this period like the nine days long Dusshera and the grand Shiv Ratri. Tourists can come and enjoy these festivals and the weather also remains cosy for sight-seeing.


The summer season arrives in the month of May and departs by July. Summer is too hot in Jeypore. Temperatures ranges between 38°C to 45° C. News of people dying of heat stroke always hit the headlines. Scorching heat of the sun makes tourism during summer unfavorable.


Jeypore experiences a heavy downpour in the month of monsoon which generally stays from July to October. Though waterfalls look best during monsoon but there are high chances of flood during this season due of the overflowing of rivers. Hence monsoon season is not recommended for visiting Jeypore.


Winter is very charming in Jeypore. Temperatures can take a dip to 4° Celsius and hence at times it becomes bone crackling cold. However, the average temperature during the day time is cool, much warmer than the nights. Travellers are advised to take enough winter cloths with them if planning to visit in winter.