Koraput, Jeypore

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Koraput is one of the most important towns in Odisha located at a distance of 22 km from Jeypore. The place earns its fame from the panoramic natural beauty, exotic wildlife and the tribal folks that dwell in the dense green forest of Koraput.

The tribal people are known as ‘Adivasi’ or ‘original inhabitant’. These tribal people have now somehow started adapting new lifestyle due to the advent of industrialisation in this place. One ancient and famous temple dedicated to Lord Jagganath is situated here.

Unique feature of this temple lies in the fact that all devotees are allowed inside the temple irrespective of any caste and creed. Thousands of devotees throng to this temple every year to seek the Lord’s blessings.

Some major rivers like Machhakund, Kolab and Bansidhar make their way to the Indian Ocean through Koraput. The varied flora and fauna, lush valleys, mighty mountains, and the cascading waterfalls make Koraput a tourist hotspot.

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