Maligura, Jeypore

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Maligura or ‘Village of Malis’ is home to the local tribe called ‘Mali’. It is around 23 km away from Jeypore. They have very unique culture and lifestyle from those of the other tribes in Odisha. This ‘Mali’ tribe is also known for its tribal handicrafts.

One weekly tribal market is organized in a nearby village ‘Kunduli’, which is India’s one of the biggest tribal market. Anyone can purchase unique handicraft material from this place. Maligura is much popular for its highest broad-gauge railway tunnel in India which has been built by piercing the body of a hill.

A bamboo matting industry has been developed in this place in order to up bring the cottage industry in this area. Around two miles away from here, a village named ‘Kendupoda’ houses the shrine of forest deity ‘Birukhomb’. It is believed that when the deity is invoked, it can kill or save any human being.

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