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Jageshwar Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Jageshwar

  • 01Jageshwar Mahadev

    Jageshwar Mahadev

    Jageshwar Mahadev Temple, also known as Tarun Jageshwar, is one of the renowned temples of Jageshwar. The armed statues of Nandi and Skandi, the two dwarapalas or guards can be seen at the entrance of the temple. The main temple in the complex is west facing and is dedicated to Bal Jageshwar or the child form of the Hindu lord Shiva. According to a legend, Lord Shiva came here to meditate. Knowing this, women of the village gathered in order to get a glimpse of him. When the male members of the place came to know this, they got furious and came to find the ascetic who had bewitched their women. In order to control this chaotic situation, Lord Shiva transformed himself into a child. Since then, he is worshipped here in the form of Bal Jageshwar.

    The Shivalingam in the temple is divided into two parts, where the bigger half signifies Lord Shiva and the smaller one represents Goddess Parvati, his consort. One of the interesting features of the temple is the Akhand Jyoti, which is believed to be flickering since the primeval times. Moreover, two Ashtadhatu figures of Chand kings, Deepchand and Tripalchand, can also be seen inside the temple standing behind the Shivalingam.

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  • 02Jageshwar Monsoon Festival

    Jageshwar Monsoon Festival

    Jageshwar Monsoon Festival is one of the prominent tourist attractions of the place. This festival is celebrated in honour of the Hindu god Shiva every year, between 15th July and 15th August.

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  • 03Sri Maha Mritunjaya Mahadev

    Sri Maha Mritunjaya Mahadev

    Sri Maha Mrityunjaya Mahadev Temple is an ancient temple situated in the complex of the Jageshwar Temple. The east-facing temple of the Hindu lord Shiva is renowned for its Shivalingam, which is considered to ward off death. This unique lingam has a unique opening in the shape of an eye. It is believed that recitation of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra clears off all the negativity from an individual. This mantra is considered extremely powerful and effective as it removes illness, fear and other evil effects from an individual.

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  • 04Dandeshwar Shiv Temple Complex

    Dandeshwar Shiv Temple Complex

    Dandeshwar Temple is located a little higher than the Jageshwar Temple complex and is in a bad condition. The Shivalingam of this temple is a natural rock different from other Shivalingams of the temples located in the Jageshwar Temple premises. The complex of the temple is adorned with beautiful antique images. There is a huge iron bell at the gateway of the temple which further enhances the beauty of the place. Moreover, there is an 18th-century idol of the dancing Shiva here.

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  • 05Vinayak Kshetra

    Vinayak Kshetra

    Vinayak Kshetra is situated at a distance of around 200 m from the village of Artola. This place lies amid the temples of Koteshwar, Jhanker Saim Temple and Vridh Jageshwar Temple.

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  • 06Sri Briddha Or Bud Jageshwar

    Sri Briddha Or Bud Jageshwar

    Sri Briddha or Bud Jageshwar is one of the prominent temples of Jageshwar located at a hilltop at a distance of around 3 km from Jageshwar. Travellers interested in visiting this temple can reach here only by trekking.

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  • 07Jhankar Saim Mahadev

    Jhankar Saim Mahadev

    Jhankar Saim Mahadev is a renowned shrine located in Jageshwar. According to a popular belief, the Hindu lord Shiva mediated in this place. While he was meditating, some demons tried to disturb him. At that moment, the Hindu god Jhanker Saim came in the form of Trinetra and assassinated the demons.

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  • 08Pushti Devi Temple

    Pushti Devi Temple

    Pushti Devi Temple is one of the important religious sites located in Jageshwar. This shrine is devoted to the goddess of nourishment and every year, devotees in large numbers visit this shrine to offer their prayers.

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