Sangram Sagar Lake, Jabalpur

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Sangram Sagar Lake is yet another important attraction of Jabalpur. Located approximately 15 km from the city, this lake and its adjoining structures were built by King Sangram Shah, a Gond ruler in the 15th century. This place showcases some great medieval architecture and the lake surrounding them adds to the beauty of the place.

Sangram Sagar Lake is also famous for the aquatic animals that inhabit this lake and for the migratory birds. The temperature of the water is such that it attracts exotic species of migratory birds like pin-tailed ducks, coots and red-perched pochards from the central and western parts of Asia.

Sangram Sagar Lake is also a great place to unwind and de-stress because of its serene atmosphere and ambiance. For those who love natural beauty coupled with calmness, Sangram Sagar Lake is highly recommended. Moreover, this place must be included in the itinerary of those who love to shoot nature with lens.

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